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Hermanus | Kalfiefees 2019 | Reminiscing memories

Andre Huguenet Theatre Group (1945) | Hermanus | South Africa

Kalfiefees 2019 Memories Glenda Pope

Winter has arrived in full force making indoor activities the order of the day. Whilst sorting through numerous boxes of old photographs I came across these and as it is the time for Kalfiefees and the appreciation of Afrikaans drama & literature, they seemed appropriate.

My father was captured at Tobruk and whilst he was away, my mother helped to pass away the time, by joining various amateur drama groups which toured the country towns, bringing plays and shows to out of the way places.

One of the best known groups being the “ Andre Huguenet Theatre Group”

These are some of the scenes from the production of ‘Die Sesde Gebod’ in 1945 –a translation of Patrick Hamilton’s play ‘Rope’

Kalfiefees Mission's House 2019

Kalfiefees 2019 Onrus Mission's House

My mother is pictured here with Andre Huguenet himself (seated on the right)

Kalfiefees 2019 Mission's House Accommodation

Small towns didn’t often have halls or stages so they performed in any space large enough to seat an audience, ie: churches or school halls. Often with the “curtains” consisting of a variety of fabrics strung across on wire. If you perhaps have more information about these artists or are interested in the rich history of Onrus River, be in touch with us!

Kalfiefees 2019 Mission's House Onrus River

Book your stay at the Mission's House during your visit to the Kalfiefees 7 - 11 August 2019!

You can download the events list for the Kalfiefees | Hermanus here.

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