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Mission’s House Gallery: The Legacy Continues

The Mission’s House Gallery was started by Glenda Pope in 2003. In 2015 Glenda’s daughter Braelea has joined the family business. She will be stepping in as a general manager and in-house events coordinator.

Having worked in the admin and export side of the wine industry, Braelea has acquired a wealth of logistical and managerial experience over the last fifteen years. She now plans on using her particular skill set to take the Mission’s House Gallery to new heights.

Glenda’s highly sought-after framing workshop remains the core component of the business as a whole and will continue as normal.

“My mom and I compliment each other,” says Braelea. “She’s built this business into what it is today and I want to honour that while simultaneously helping to expand the gallery’s profile. We have some exciting new plans for the year ahead. We are now hiring out the gallery space for small private functions and we’re selling a variety of bespoke clothing, jewellery and decorative items”.

“Our goal,” says Braelea, "is to turn the gallery into an Onrust landmark. We want to create a community hub; a place where people can come to experience the best that the area has to offer. We want locals and visitors to enjoy art and culture in a special setting. Our building has a unique history and heritage and we want to celebrate that.”

This dynamic mother/daughter duo has added a cosy winter coffee shop into the mix and in the summer months they’ll be running a child-friendly tea garden.

So the next time you’re in Onrust why not pop in for a visit? You'll be glad you did.

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